Hi! I’m Giulia.


I’m a lawyer, writer, and loyal ABBA fan based in London. I write to inform, offer comfort, and make people laugh.

Check out some of my work ☟



Momentum wanted to make sure their technical process was explained clearly and precisely. I helped write technical copy for their website and product pages.


Diaconia needed some marketing materials for their new mentorship program. I created a one-pager that relays technical content, but still appeals to a younger audience. I also wrote the copy for their website, which is due to launch soon.

Design in DC

For Design in DC, I wrote a weekly blog post (an example of which is linked above) on a number of topics relating to design and web marketing.


New Yorkers for Children is a charitable organization with an information-heavy website. I refined their copy, and created separate navigation routes for youth and potential donors.


Freediving Instructors International wanted to convey their passion for freediving as a sport, and enhance their community engagement. I worked with them to organize their many course offerings in a way that is clear and user-friendly.


For Lane, I create blog content and web and sales copy to help convey the complexity of their product in a pithy, millennial-friendly manner. Recently, I wrote more general posts about their product’s features, as well as a deep-dive into disruption in the CRE space.


Badpack/Late Night

I wrote screenplays for two short films, both part of a series created for Spare Label. Spare Label is a Toronto-based clothing company that recently launched a new product, the Badpack. The Badpack series explores themes surrounding unconventional work, environments, and relationships.